but why would you want to leave?

Yerf! A beautiful furry gallery.
The HitchHikers Guide to Star Trek
Facade, a really great site for free tarot readings, biblomacy readings, and I-ching
Save our Sailors (SOS) Otaku World Tavicat comics! (Realtiy Check, ect.)
S.K.A.M. Project Serenity I Support Haruka and Michiru
Raion Yuki's Site of Death (JTHM and Anime pages)
Raion Yuki's Square Soft RPG Page
The Domain of Solomon
Gundam Information that Never Ends
The Psychic Pokemon Connection
KiwiBox, kind of an online Teen mag, with prizes, tell 'em Thena sent ya
Lycentia's Sailor Moon Web Graphics Shop - if you need good web graphics, it's the happies place on earth! ( you can see a bit of her work around my page, + HTML help)
Rob's Manga Page, lots of translated manga, I spend tons of time here
Glass Rose Productions, good place to get fansubs, but it takes a long time
Wise Guy's HTML help, indeed he is wise and helpful
The Anime Exchange

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